The goal of the game is progress through series of HTML pages. Looks easy, but the twist is how to proceed on the next HTML page.
Each page will require knowledge about various topics, and some will require you to use Google to search what you need.
Patience is what the game needs to play. If you have time, you can play this game!

Level Help

  • Level 1 – A circle? How will you touch it? Have you considered using your mouse?
  • Level 2 – What does the picture mean? Have you read the URL? How will you proceed to the next level? What needs to be changed?
  • Level 3 – Ctrl + U? Did you press it? Did you see the answer?
  • Level 4 – What can you see in the picture? Try putting it in the URL.
  • Level 5 – Can’t see anything? Use image editing software to see what’s hidden.
  • Level 6 – Numbers? ABC is like 123!
  • Level 7 – Have you tried using what the title says? Do you need to remove letters that is not needed?
  • Level 8 – 1s and 0s? Sometimes, you need help. Ask Google, he’s one of our friends.
  • Level 9 – A computer peripheral. Have you tried looking down?
  • Level 10 – What’s this? a? What letter comes after a? Try replacing a with another letter for more images!
  • Level 11 – You are on your own. Do not cheat, as there’s no sense finishing any online riddle with cheats.

General Tips

  • If you have what you think is the answer, put your answer to the URL by changing from one page to another.
    • Example: If you’re in example.htm, change it to youranswer.htm
  • Some levels require an authentication as an answer. Authentication consists of username and a password. Answer for that level is usually in two words for the username and password, and the authentication box is accessible by clicking one of the items in the image.
    • For example, if your answer for the level is drum beats, then the username/password combination is drum/beats.
  • Always check the title, the bottom text, and source code. They usually give useful hints to solve the level.
  • Always use your browser’s bookmark function every time you solve a level. RNS Riddle doesn’t have an automatic save function for your progress, so it is advisable to bookmark every level you clear. Who knows, that might be useful in your future online riddle adventures…
    • If you are using Wizard bot in our Discord server, you can also use recall command for previous levels.
  • There are times that you need external programs and other online resources to solve the level. Things like image editing needs Photoshop or GIMP. Some requires Microsoft Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to view a file. Some answers are scrambled, so it requires anagram solver if you cannot unscramble it with your mind.
  • Some levels require searching to get the answer or important eggs, if that’s the case, you can use Google. Google link is provided for most of the Normal Levels to guide you. Negative, False Normal, True Negative, and further levels do not have a Google link for harder difficulty, and avoiding confusion, I guess…
  • Obviously, don’t cheat. You may beat the game, but you didn’t do any good effort. I mean, what’s the point of cheating yourself out of the game?


  • For levels that require image editing to solve a level. If you don’t have Photoshop, GIMP is an alternative, can open XCF files, and it’s free!. Also, if you are not able to download any image editing software, Free Photo Tool can be used on a web browser.
  • Different countries use different keyboard layouts, but for the riddle, unless specified on a level, I always use QWERTY keyboard layout. Check these links for the samples:
  • There are times that the answer presented is not arranged properly, use this to unscramble them.
  • There might be some audio levels that requires more than listening. You can install this, for free!
  • Some levels require some knowledge of steganography, this one can help, for RNS Riddle anyway.
  • Other levels require some document viewing, so I think these might help you.
  • Some levels require you some knowledge of existing ciphers and codes. Other than reading it in a wiki or somewhere else online, this site can help you. I am using the same site to test some levels before release.
  • Just in case there might be mathematics related things on the riddle, you can use this.
  • Some images have information beyond looking at its properties. Use this website to check more info.
  • You might find some be-music source files in the future, so, this will come in handy.