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Other Online Riddles

Post by rnightshroud » Sun May 24, 2020 7:18 pm


If you find yourself unsatisfied on my riddle, or want to continue the streak of being an online riddle solver after solving this one, or whatever reasons you have, I can suggest some online riddles I encountered over the past years.

Cipher: Crack The Code
The first online riddle I played, and finished. Home of the famous Balthazar's Labyrinth. Created by gamemastertips. Has 60 Levels + 2 secret levels of puzzles.
Link: Click Here

An online riddle I recently played. Created by Mride, doubleG(anx103), animekkk, SBlade, Coticov, Kantown, and Jakub. Has currently 60+ Levels and still updating (I think).
Link: Click Here

Inward Hellix
Another online riddle I encountered a few years ago. Pretty hard for me, and I think I stopped at Level 14, or the one with the ladder image. Created by Beezqp, Aneyah, and Raidmaster. Has 76 Levels + 4 secret levels + 8 tutorial levels. Requires Adobe Flash player mostly for main menu.
Link: Click Here

MA Riddle
Another online riddle I encountered recently. Created by MishuAnubis. No idea how many levels are here, but it is sure to be a fun online riddle.
Link: Click Here

If you have other online riddle suggestions, let me know.

Thank you.
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