About RNS Riddle

RNS Riddle is an online riddle created by rnightshroud. It is heavily inspired by Cipher: Crack the Code, created by gamemastertips. Very great person BTW.

Why did I create this? Because I want to know how online riddles, and basic HTML works. This also gave me opportunities to learn many things, like creating a forum using phpBB, which is deleted already, because it got bombarded by ad spammers, and use WordPress. Also trying how many references I can fit… just kidding.

What inspired me on creating this riddle? There was a mini-game that I “hosted” on our office team around year 2018. I did some riddles via email and will give prizes to the people who will solve the riddle I made. Kind of expensive, but worth making those riddles. Then there’s a thought of “why not make a website now?”, but took me a year to realize to finally create this riddle, while playing another online riddle. well, actually 8 years because I wanted to do this for a long time. I’d say it’s worth the effort. Thank you for those who tested my riddle ideas pre-RNS. Cheers! Some riddles I made before are on the site now. 

About rnightshroud

Me, rnightshroud is a player from the Philippines, with Cipher being introduced by one of the students in our school around 2010. I don’t like online riddles before because I found those not interesting, plus I do not have my own computer, only relying on renting one. But look at me now! Ha! Now a host of a certain online riddle called RNS Riddle.

Recently left for personal and financial reasons, and I am now back, to continue the development of the riddle. Not because there are new albums, I swear…

Also plays other games like Terraria, Dead by Daylight, Dota 2, some JRPGs and an undead game called O2Jam. I am not great on those games, but I am having a blast playing them.

What are my certain achievements on online riddle world? It’s not much but honest work.

  • Currently a moderator of Cipher: Crack the Code since 2012. I’d call this my achievement since that one’s unexpected. I like my role there, as I can help other people, troll my friends who play Cipher, and delete spam topics on Cipher’s phpBB forum. Currently doing mod as dreamsprite rnightshroud, duh.
  • One of the victors of the following:
    • Cipher: Crack the Code’s Level 50, placing 24th inthe Hall of Fame.
    • Cipher: Crack the Code’s Temp End Level 60, 3rd.
    • Cipher: Crack the Code’s Temp End Level 65, 4th.
    • Cipher: Crack the Code’s Temp End Level 70, 4th.
    • shriddle’s Level 60, 24th.
    • The String Harmony’s Level 50,11th .
    • ZED’s Main Branch (1-z6), 36th.
    • ZED’s Alphabet Branch (a-z), 23rd.

In real life, I am just your average NPC in one of your favorite games.