Hello players, rnightshroud here.

Here are some small updated regarding existing levels and pages. 😀


  • Added a warning about solving this and further levels.


  • Salad’s not on the menu anymore.

True -6

  • Modified the URL to avoid certain cases of level skip.

True -15

  • Added a warning about the information used in this level.
    • Thank you DannyIsReal for testing it.

Right Garden (the page past Null)

  • Image updated, nothing groundbreaking.

Right Levels – Congratulations Page

  • Removed my lengthy message, and replaced it with something else.

Night Garden is now available for view. The path to Night 0 is solvable, but unreachable. Thank you MishuAnubis for testing.

The Garden, now fortified with… white grass.

I also added the image for Night 0, which will be the base level for Night.

The image for Night 0.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you very much for playing RNS Riddle. See you soon! (no secrets?)