Hello players,

First of all, congratulations to the recent Righteous Ones Kukkelis, James V, Tailleferre, Supers, zitman 🇨🇳, minson 🇨🇳 and Normalized Ones DannyIsReal 🇻🇳 and Zephran 🇵🇭.

Now for some updates…


  • Now using https. Thank you minson 🇨🇳 for reminding me. 😀

Discord Server

  • As mentioned before, snowflake icon for winners (but not 100% complete) has been changed to a medal. (…)
  • Wizard: updated /recall command to give https links.

Level 38

  • Now recognizes two valid answers for Wizard’s /solve command.

Right 7

  • Made it less terrible. 🤣 Also updated one Easter egg page. (?)


  • Did a (significant) nerf for one of the procedures.

Thank you very much. <3