Hello, rnightshroud here.

First of all, congratulations to infiniteXforever 🇭🇰, Catz 🇮🇱, umsyt 🇺🇸, MishuAnubis 🇷🇴, akicer 🇨🇳, luffyyqh 🇨🇳, Matteoka 🇭🇺, markus 🇪🇪, and i forgor 🇮🇩 for clearing the Right Levels! I hope you guys enjoyed it. 😀

Also, congratulations to ZStorm 🇺🇸, and joana 🇵🇹 for clearing the Normal Levels! Hoping to see you guys on further levels!

Now, for some fixes. Thank you infiniteXforever 🇭🇰, Catz 🇮🇱, Matteoka 🇭🇺, wawa 🇻🇳, and ZaidX2_ for the reports.

True -16

  • Fixed the image not visible on front page.

Right 24

  • Removed the repeated puzzle on the very end page.
  • Modified one of the texts to prevent confusion. Also modified a hint to make it not so obvious.
    • Both of these fixes are on seventh part.
  • Added another hint on sixth part.
  • Fixed the inaccuracy on one of the values of the ninth part.
  • Also added a placeholder page. Might be or might not be useful in the future.


  • Fixed username/password combination for the answer not working.