Hello, rnightshroud here.

I would like to announce that Right 24 is now online! This will be the last of the Right levels, and I hope you guys enjoy it, even if you do not find it hard!

I can’t cook circles, man.

Now, for some other changes…

Snowflake Bot

  • Thank you Enigmatics team for hosting the bot!
  • Also updated to include Right 24 and the Righteous Ones role.

Play Page

  • Links are now updated. Thank you alpha!

False 15 (as usual…)

  • Fixed the first page returning 403 error. Thank you Shen Qiang!

Right 1

  • Fixed the old information about Right 1’s credentials. Thank you infiniteXforever!

Right 10

  • Fixed an issue regarding the other half of the level now accessible. Thank you i forgor!

I tested it a bunch of times before releasing, I hope I didn’t forget anything 🥲.

No secrets?